#aprilrecordaday Day 17 “Rarest record in your collection” The Mr. T Experience “Gun Crazy” (Lookout, 1992) By no means my rarest record, I have all the Ubasute test presses and other rare records I’ve already posted, but growing up this was one of those 45s you couldn’t find. According to MTX frontman, Dr. Frank, this record was only in stores for a day or two before being pulled because Lookout didn’t have the clearance to use the image on the front cover. Today I got two of ‘em and had Frank personalize one for me. doktorfrank

I have one of these too, and it’s basically my most favorite single that I own. <3

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#it looks like joff is jammin to some 90’s rap but marg is more into grunge

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You must be thinking, “Who’s that badass?”

That’s Keiko Nobumoto. She was the head of Series Composition for Cowboy Bebop, as well as the screenwriter for a third of the series, including the first episode, all the two-parters, and the Faye-focused episodes.

She’s also the creator of Wolf’s Rain, had another jam with Shinichiro Watanabe as the writer of Macross Plus, and wrote the Satoshi Kon-directed classic Tokyo Godfathers, which I hope is part of your holiday movie playlist.

This season you’ll find her on the writing staff of Watanabe’s new TV series Space Dandy.

So let’s raise a glass to a writer who’s had a hell of an influence on our generation of storytellers.


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