If you were upset by some silly American sitcom last night, here’s an image of Jen, played by Katherine Parkinson, reading Love & Rockets on the IT Crowd.

You feel better now, don’t you?

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I wish more cartoons taught young girls that if a man harasses you or annoys you or whatever you should blow him up with a bazooka and feel no remorse :)))

Ivy leaned back to avoid the propulsion blast. They’ve done this before.

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Junji Ito creating an official pokemon manga for Halloween!

Pokemon has been ramping up focus on it’s spookier pokemon for this halloween, and going by the official site, is producing some spook-tacular manga with none other then our own beloved Junji Ito! 

Going by the preview image, it looks like the story will focus on the Ruby and Sapphire generation pokemon, Banette the doll pokemon. It will most likely expand on it’s PokeDex entry, which details it’s origin as a thrown away doll possessed by it’s own malevolent hatred for the child who threw it away, and it’s habit of stalking the streets to seek it’s revenge. Kyahaha~! Souichi looks forward to it~!

Thanks to MechaGamezilla on twitter for pointing Souichi towards this information! Kyahahah!


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The Sailor Scout, Fantasy RPG set!

and can you please appreciate this is rebolgged from someone named sashamutch?